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My Luncheon With Tincup

November 15, 2012

Not really. Our conversation was private, but so fun and interesting. It does though give me the chance to steal a movie title featuring two guys having dinner and name drop simultaneously. Hey, with over 150,000 Twitter followers, I figure using William’s name in the title might drive some views… Going in, I felt like I was having lunch with Elvis of the HR Twitterverse, but it turns out that he’s just a cool, regular guy, not that Elvis wasn’t of course.

#KronosWorks2012 was my 12th and best show on a few different levels:

  • The Expo – After a little Monday morning drama involving electricity, our 8 Services booths in the Expo were lit up and packed with customers for two days. Our booth staff worked a couple very long days, and I appreciate their efforts serving our customers. While I didn’t get the gigantic cloud shaped floating dirigible I had hoped for (more on that in a future post), our Kronos in the Cloud booth was almost perfect, and a great traffic magnet to our other services areas.
  • Services sessions – We had nearly 30, including 4 round tables, and the sessions I saw in person were excellent. Watching one in a room packed with customers, I wrote this note to my team: “As I sit here in (Kronos CIO) John McGregor’s cloud presentation, like all the others, I see the quality and improvements that are present because of the hours you both spent setting up, rescheduling, conducting, and following up on dry runs. The result is a great experience for the customer attendees and a wonderful reflection of what Kronos is.” Now I just hope our evaluations show customers felt the same way.
  • The production – In my 12 years, I’ve seen KronosWorks turn into a first class event rivaling customer conferences of enterprise software providers much larger than us. OK, we didn’t have Pearl Jam, but our event at Caesar’s Pure nightclub provided a unique Vegas nightlife experience for our customers, the DJ and band rocked, and Susie McDaniels can sing! We even had an artist draw a mural infograph of the opening keynote. It was very cool.
  • The folks – I love hanging with my boys Matt and Joe each year, but the show is an opportunity to catch up with colleagues, customers, and this year – bloggers! While we didn’t dine together, I did get to meet two other HR blogging giants, Jessica Merrell and Sharlyn Lauby. Hearing about their work and seeing their Twitter followers is like standing in Nepal and gazing up at Everest. Yeah, someday. On Tuesday morning, two customers approached me in our “Upgrades” booth. One said, “Hi, we’re from Canada and we have ESP.” The look on my face must have told them I was wondering if they were reading my mind right then, because Lori quickly added, “The scheduling product.” Oh. Sorry. While Matt added competence to the conversation, I searched the Expo floor to find out if we had someone who knew ESP, our Canadian product for healthcare scheduling. I eventually found them help.

Taking my last walk from the canyonesque conference area to my room prior to checkout yesterday morning, I had a Ferris Bueller moment. You know, the “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” one. On route, I was suddenly struck by the beauty of the Aria. While running between sessions and meals, the expo, and events, it becomes a real heads down effort. I hope many of my colleagues and customers stopped to look around. In the aftermath Wednesday morning, I finally did.

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