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November 13, 2012

You know that feeling when you’re helplessly hurtling down a giant steel tube like Felix Baumgartner, and people are looking through the small glass windows at you trying to speak, but all you hear is white noise from a past life because you’re so focused on the two presentations you have to do and you haven’t done one in a while? No? Oh. Well, that’s what my yesterday was like. Not to mention it was the opening of our KronosWorks 2012 in Las Vegas. The opening went very well. Our CEO, Aron Ain was on his game, and keynote speaker Billy Beane was funny and very interesting. Life’s got to be pretty good when Brad Pitt played you in a movie that wasn’t Se7en. The one glitch in the morning was when the video feed for our new Workforce Tablet demo froze. It was at that moment that the “it’s the people” thing kicked in. Bill Bartow, our VP of Product Management, cracked a joke, then swung the iPad around so the audience could see the stunning image of Workforce Analytics as displayed on the device. Bill did an outstanding job of “managing in the moment.”

That got me thinking of my presentations, so I whipped out my own iPad to review them yet again. I stopped on a slide with this graphic from Gartner, describing their “Nexus of Forces” for the future of IT. As I peered into the Nexus, it dawned on me that Kronos is well positioned in each one. In Social we’re active, but we’re also building social capabilities into our products. The Workforce Tablet is just the latest example of our mobile solutions. Workforce Analytics is a fantastic information, or “big data” solution that every customer should explore, and well, there’s the cloud, and we’re in it, but if you’re a regular reader of this space, you’re already painfully aware of that.

The presentations went just fine, but when the blur stopped it was about 7pm… 10pm Eastern. I felt sick dread. I pushed the little icon of his face, but there was no answer. My boy was already asleep. I had missed his 21st birthday.

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