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Don’t be a-scared of e-Learning

November 8, 2012

I’ve always loved Halloween with my kids, and now grand kids, but I’m not down with the new tree down tradition of the past two boo weekends. Last year I counted 127 rings in the Oak that blew over in my yard, and this year Sandy snapped an oak at the Happy Hollow on Cape Cod. Prior to heading out with my chainsaw and day laborer, (Play)Joyce, we enjoyed our Sunday morning reading ritual with coffee. While I flipboarded and browsed online articles on my “device,” as she likes to disparage it, “Analog Girl” read her beloved Time magazine old school. “Honey, do you mind when I read to you?” I think I half-heartedly grunted a negative response, but her question was rhetorical, anyway. She was reading…

I’m glad she did. (Play)Joyce read me the story of an 11 year old Pakistani girl named Khadijah Niazi, who was in the middle of her final exam in an open online physics course on Udacity. The Pakistani government had shut down access to YouTube, which housed the Udacity lectures, and Khadijah was devastated. What I heard next was inspiring. Within hours, classmates from around the world created workarounds so Khadijah could successfully complete her exam.

Online learning has come a long way. Kronos offers most courses online and KnowledgePass is our onDemand education portal available 24/7. Most of our Workforce Central customers have KnowledgePass, but not enough employees within our customer organizations are taking advantage of it. We’re working to change that.  If you’re going to be at KronosWorks next week, be sure to stop by our education booth in the Expo to find out how you can use KnowledgePass to onboard new employees, train users for upgrades, and increase employee adoption of your Kronos solutions.

Meanwhile… back at the Happy Hollow. The irony didn’t escape me that it was Halloween weekend and I was holding a chainsaw.

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