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WorkingSmarterCafe Endorses…

November 2, 2012

Ha! You didn’t really think I was going there, did you? Besides, I’m not very political anyway…

Have you noticed the LinkedIn “endorsements” over the past few weeks? Now with no disrespect to Moe, Larry, and Curley, do you really care? My endorsements are from a wide range of people, some I’ve worked with very closely, and others… Well, not really. I think the functionality is interesting and is driving more site engagement from LinkedIn users, but are you going to use this new gimmick to evaluate a potential job candidate? I feel the same way about LinkedIn “recommendations.” They’re all stellar, so what use are they? From a recruiting or job seeking perspective, what’s critical is that you do the work of winding through your LinkedIn network to objective opinions about candidates or companies.

Or you can just take my brother’s word for it… He endorses me for “SaaS” and “Enterprise Software,” but I’m not too sure he knows his SaaS from his elbow. Plus, why hasn’t he endorsed me for blogging?

So do your due diligence, but know that some endorsements are rock solid. Like those you get from your boss. Like this one. Thanks (Work)Joyce!

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