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Helloooo, Sandy.

October 29, 2012

Sunday morning on Cape Cod was breezy. A steady rain of dead beige pine needles gently coated the woods floor behind the Happy Hollow. A short distance away, somewhere up a pine tree, I heard the weird chirp of something…

  • that made me think it was a Velociraptor…
  • that made me think of the jeep scene in Jurassic Park with actor Wayne Knight…
  • that made me laugh at the thought of the bird saying, “Helloooo Newman,” before having a nice lunch
  • that jumped my mind to how Knight’s character took down the islands electrical fence defenses to hatch his greedy plot…
  • that sent me to Sam Jackson saying a hurricane was coming and “Hold on to your butts…”
  • that unleashed a Sir Stevie Spielberg storm of awesome CGInosaur fun filmmaking, and a wonderful movie experience for all. Well, not all, but most.

That’s how I write blog posts, because that swirl of cranial misfires eventually got me thinking about how technology without safeguards can be a big problem. Like today.

It may be too late to have executed a plan to backup your precious HRIS data in case you’re bit by Sandy, but just in case, @fema has some excellent tips for IT pros, and some for us in Sandy’s way.

I’m working from home today. Yeah, Kronos took Governor Patrick’s state of emergency declaration seriously, so our Massachusetts campus is closed. Most of us can work effectively from home anyway, and are treated as adults by being trusted to do so. So after posting this, I’ll be working on presentations for KronosWorks, a mere 13 days away! Have you registered? It’s at the amazing Aria, and besides the great conference, expo, and keynote by Billy Beane, there’s so much fun to be had in Sin City! In fact, through my exhaustive blogger research, I can report there’s a dinosaur exhibit at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, but caveat emptor. Further research found a review on the Smithsonian’s website that opined:

“Las Vegas has a natural history museum, and the small building is home to some of the worst dinosaurs I have ever seen.”

So there. I would recommend you check out the Carnival Bar instead. You may just find a few dinosaurs there.

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