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Man in a Binder Full of Women

October 25, 2012

Women will likely decide the ultimate poll coming up on November 6th, and each campaign is doing their best to appeal to the critical dual X chromosome voter segment. Obviously, “women’s issues” are multiple and complex, but women in technology is the one relevant to this particular space.

As a man in a binder full of women, I do have a perspective on women, and women in the workplace. Well, first let me explain the “binder thing.” My mother is a woman, and was a single mother as she put herself through nursing school while I was in high school, then she enjoyed a 25 year career as a cardiac care RN. Of course I have the Joyce’s, Work and Play, plus my daughter and granddaughter who live with me. There’s also my good friend Barb, who I worked for here, even after I learned she was a Yankee fan. Finally, Terri and Melissa allow me to be their manager. Yes, I am surrounded, so you may be asking yourself, “how does he survive?” Well, today on Facebook, I saw this quote attributed to actor Denzel Washington. I employ a similar two-part strategy that has worked for me:

“Do whatever she says, and keep my mouth shut!”

Yesterday I sat in a company “Ops Review” where financial, sales, services, product, Workforce Central in the Cloud, and our new Workforce Ready performance was reviewed. As I listened and squinted to see the slides illustrating our progress and position, it again occurred to me how many good and very smart people we have at Kronos, and how many are women. Sitting next to me was Lynne, Lisa and (Work)Joyce. Scanning the room of senior leadership, I saw Barb, our chief counsel Alyce, Michele, Malysa, Susan, Cathy, Amy, Shawna, Julia, Kristina, Mary, Liz, Peggy, Susan, Kathleen, Wendy and Laurie. I’ve worked directly with most of them, and they are amazing.

At our recent Sales Kickoff in Orlando, we had another Women’s Leadership Forum, where they and many other women from our field Sales and Services organizations discussed “common business challenges and share proactive leadership practices.” There was also an informal “networking session” following the event and keynote by Betsy Myers, but I think that was just a code word for “cocktails.”

I’ve written here before about what a great place Kronos is to work, and while I can’t speak for the women here, I can say I’m afforded a flexible working schedule to care for my family. In fact, I’ll be working from home tomorrow because granddaughter Maddy has no daycare. And that’s not just because I work for a woman.

Nearly 100 positions remain open in Sales, Services, Engineering, IT, Finance and other disciplines. Check them out. Women are welcome.

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  1. October 25, 2012 12:42 pm

    Nice post. And those of us in the double-X demographic couldn’t get the job done without you XY’s.


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