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Jump into the Cloud

October 19, 2012

Having spent much of the last 2 weeks at about 1/4 the altitude of where Felix Baumgartner fell to earth, I missed HRTech in the Windy City and the Kronos 35th anniversary celebration here in Chelmsford, MA. It was worth it, though. Our Sales kickoff got me and everyone else all pumped and jacked for our new fiscal year, and I benefited from some learning at Technology Services World, including these gems:

“On-site is insight.”
— Bill McDermott, SAP

“Success Science—it’s how you understand how your best customers became your best customers.”
— J.B. Wood, TSIA

“The traditional tech company financial model is going to change. I don’t care who you are, I don’t believe the status quo scenario works for anyone in this room.”
— Thomas Lah, TSIA

The one that really stuck with me though, was delivered in the closing Keynote by IBM Marketing VP, Ed Abrams. I tweeted when I heard it:

“Nobody got into business to manage their IT. Give them that out.“ Ed Abrams, IBM

That is a huge reason so many organizations are jumping into the cloud. Customers want to serve their customers, not their servers. That’s why so many of our current Workforce Central customers are using our cloud services to host and manage their application in our data-center, or simply to have us manage apps in their data-center via the cloud.

That post ended with a salesy thud, didn’t it? I wish I had some “bup-buh” ending, but I don’t today, so here’s a cute animated review of what I missed at HRTech by Naomi Bloom

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