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October 17, 2012

I’m attending some great sessions here at Technology Services World in Vegas, many of them on “Social Support” and social media strategies. Yesterday I attended a panel session led by the Social Media Manager at EMC, Nada Wheelock. She was great, and spoke about the EMC blogs, how they manage blogging across departments (SME, Services, Marketing), and how they select and assist bloggers. One of the ways is via metrics and a monthly blogger report.

A few hours later, Jenna, our Social Media Marketing Manager published our stats from September. I’m doing OK, I guess, but it’s hard to know how many views any blogger should be getting on a monthly basis. The only answer I can come up with is “more.”

So I need your help. See these little “Share” buttons? Please use them! If you like a blog I’ve written, please let others in your network know via Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, even email…

Your networks are vast and every connection is to someone with another cosmic network. That’s how things “go viral.” It’s positive, digital word of mouth promotion.

You never know. My little picture fantasy could come true. I know for a fact that someone in my network is connected to someone who works for our Secretary of State!

So please, overshare!

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