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It’s a small world after all…

October 16, 2012

I’m sorry for that. I’m not even in Orlando, but Vegas, and now that song is in your head. Sorry, but last night at the Technology Services World Expo, the world got very small for me. Things began as they usually do. I settled into a corner with a fellow Kronos employee and caught up, but after a chardonnay, sliders and mac n’ cheese balls, I headed to the Clarabridge booth to learn about their text mining tools. The booth dude was very good in his presentation, but he was taking me down a slow boat tour of how Clarabridge can help support organizations quickly identify product problems in the field and proactively respond. I get that, but I said, “let me reset this. I assure you someone at Kronos cares deeply about that angle, but it’s not me. I want to mine our data to identify hidden customer pains we can help alleviate (I don’t think I really used “alleviate.”) with things like training and cloud services.”

Another Clarabridge guy stood to my right. He looked like Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, and was drinking a beer and mostly focused on some food of his own. I continued, “We have a very successful incentive program for our services team…” “Rainmaker!” Steve Schmidt blurted. I was stunned, and asked, “How do you know about Rainmaker?” “I used to work for Kronos.” He said he noticed my name tag and remembered me and the program. We shook hands and connected the org chart dots… Dean Ellingsen, Ben Ghio… Steve Schmidt lookalike Marcus Schroers was in Kronos Sales with those guys. Wow… It’s a sm… Well. Just do it.

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