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Technology Touch in Vegas

October 15, 2012

20121014-105757.jpg After Sales kickoff in Orlando, I spent a few days with my dad who lives in a retirement community about an hour outside theme park city. Wanting to do something fun for his impending birthday, I looked up “fun” in his community on “Mattress Barn” was the singular result. I guess retirement can be fun… Well, that is if you’re sharing the experience, whatever it may be, and Dad’s not very good at the people thing. When I arrived at Dad’s, “Rob,’ a home health care worker was pushing the near octogenarian through an exercise routine of elastic band resistance training, and walking outside on the thick, coarse St. Augustine grass. All the while Rob talked to Dad. He asked my father questions. He exercised mind and body, and he provides a human touch. It’s no wonder Dad is doing so much better than when I saw him in late July.

20121014-105633.jpgSo what does this have to do with technology services? Well, I’m like Dad in some ways, and the people thing is one of them. I admire the way “people persons” like (Work)Joyce and (Play)Joyce can work a room full of people. It’s difficult for me. I’m much more comfortable putting words on digital paper than propelling them with breath to strangers, so attending this week’s Technology Services World presents a challenge. Oh sure, I can just slink along the high ceiling corridors of the Mirage in Las Vegas, and anonymously come and go between the expo and breakout sessions, all while avoiding human contact by getting personal with my Galaxy Nexus. But that won’t help me hear the personal experiences of others trying to build a blog audience, engage stakeholders, or effectively market technology services.

So, armed with these excellent 25 Essential Conference Networking Tips, I’m going to really work at engaging other humans. What do I have to lose by trying? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

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