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Friday Playlist

October 12, 2012

20121012-124644.jpgI’m getting ready to board a plane home from lovely central Florida, where the political radio ads are truly scary, but that’s probably the point of them. Speaking of big choices, it’s always one when deciding what to listen to during a flight. Last Friday, for the first time in a while, I fired up iTunes to buy some “new” music, and when the app opened up, I saw the strangest thing…

Someone else’s entire playlist. Someone I know from the office.

Yeah, wierd. It was in a “shared” folder, maybe visible because I was in the office (hey, it was lunch!) on the network, but I’m not sure if it was from you know where… My advice to all of you is to protect your music from prying eyes, especially those with a blog. Here’s why. Your musical choices say a great deal about you, and it’s not always good. For example, based on some downloaded podcasts, I’m fairly certain this person went to the University of Texas in Austin, and is still a huge fan of the Longhorns and college football. He’s also a very thoughtful guy, and podcasts from the Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal are some evidence of that. There was also a good amount of classical music, and real country music, including records from Willie Nelson and “the Pavoratti of the Plains,” Don Walser! I’ve written about Mr. Walser, and was honored to meet him during an Austin trip last century. Those tracks alone earned instant credibility with me, not that I have any music credibility. Last week I asked Megan, “who the hell is Nikki Minja?” (pronounced “Ninja”). Yeah, I’m not exactly current, and didn’t get any closer with my Friday download of Led Zeppelin III.

So what else is on my iPod? Oh, show tunes, the Disney Princess Collection, and just to prove my intellectualism in case anyone snoops there, Richard Pryor. I realize that doesn’t seem like much, but there’s not much room after all my songs about you know what, like:

– Get Off Of My Cloud – Stones
– Both Sides Now (Clouds) Joni Mitchell
– You’re So Vain (Clouds in My Coffee) – Carly Simon
– I Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff
– Cloud Nine – Temptations
– Obscured by Clouds – Pink Floyd
– Clouds – The Jayhawks

Get it? There are so many more… Gotta stay focused on you know what…

Happy Friday. I hope your playlist rocks your weekend. Oh, and Alfred… Katy Perry? Dude.

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