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Sales Kickoff Serendipity

October 10, 2012

On Monday I suggested it was possible to be two places at once. I am fascinated by the possibilities of metaphysics, and love references to them like this one from “Field of Dreams.”

“Sometimes all the cosmic tumblers fall into place and anything becomes possible.”

Don Small runs one of the few Kronos dealerships remaining in the US up in Montana. We met at KronosWorks a few years back, and Don is a wonderful, laid-back guy. We said hello briefly this week at Sales Kickoff, but we didn’t have time to catch up. We will at KronosWorks in just 33 days. That’s how the Sales meeting goes. There are so many people I know after 12 years with Kronos, but it’s hard to see them all in a sea of hundreds. Of course I always meet new folks, too, and sometimes it’s just chance that reconnects you with the old, familiar faces.

Last night’s awards dinner had assigned tables, and at my assigned table was… (Work)Joyce! I can’t get away from her! We were hardly in our seats when a video of Kronos kids was shown. It was hilarious and touching. A cute little blond was asked, “Who’s (our CEO) Aron Ain?” I had forgotten the answer, but it was “a reeealllly nice guy…” “Awwwwww” filled the room. I knew that little blond, and I needed to make sure our CEO knew who she was, too. Once the video was over and as we were waiting for dinner, I walked to the front of the room to visit the big guy. As I crouched down to speak with the seated boss, I heard, “I love your blog.” It was Don Small, seated next to Aron. He told me how much he enjoys my posts and the adventures of (Work)Joyce and (Play)Joyce. He said, “No matter how busy I am, when I see that email I stop to read it.” Aron heard the whole thing and said, “send me that link.” I said, “I do make fun of you sometimes.” He smiled and repeated, “Send me the link.” Aron asked me how things were going (he always does), and how I thought the kickoff was going. He’s like that. He knows near every employee, and always seeks our perspective on how things are going. It works.

Anyway, I sent Aron this post, but I hope he pokes around to see all my posts on the cloud!

Oh, and thanks Don!

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