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“Then a miracle occurs…”

October 3, 2012

I love this adaptation of a classic Sidney Harris cartoon from the New Yorker. It appears in a 2012 book titled, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results. I say “adaptation” because the original work includes mathematical expressions instead of “course” and “results.” I guess that’s all I have to say about that…

The point is though, a miracle doesn’t occur after a training course to produce business results. Learning needs to be reinforced to achieve and sustain business results from training. Without reinforcement, much of what’s taught is forgot. In a blog post on sales training, author Mike Schultz states that shortly after a training course, students describe much of the learning as lost:

“I don’t remember what was covered in the sales training program.”
“I don’t know enough to use the tools and apply the advice.”
“I didn’t get enough practice to feel confident enough to give it a try.”
“I tried something and it didn’t work…not sure if I did it wrong.”

You won’t hear these things from your people if you’re using KnowledgePass, our always available eLearning environment. KnowledgePass allows your users to get easy Kronos training when they need it. That makes them more comfortable using the system, which means they will use it, and not just the basic features. That increased employee adoption helps drive value from your Kronos solution. And you can track their progress, whether in KnowledgePass or in your own LMS with imported KnowledgePass SCORM content.

“Technology customers today… are developing a different take on success.
It’s increasingly about whether the product’s key features are actually
being used and delivering their potential value.”

– J.B. Wood, The Complexity Avalanche

KnowledgePass. Just think of it as the post-course miracle that drives results.

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