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Sticking it to the Man

September 26, 2012

Recently I received some blog input from “the man.” No, not the big guy… I don’t think he reads my blog, or else I would have heard about this one. Actually, I heard from two other “the man’s…” The first was from “Bob” in Legal:

“Sorry to be the ever present legal eyes, but I would advise against…”

“Bob” is a great guy, and a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I’ll cut him some slack. Even us “die-hards” are quietly dying (and rooting for the Orioles) this year.

The second “man” to write me was, um, “Jenna.” She’s our Social Media Magnate:

“We appreciate your dedication to the cloud as well. Please don’t feel like you need to force it into every post.”

“Force it?” Ouch. I’d rather hear from “Bob.” Do they really feel forced? Ugh. Anyway, that’s enough about me. What do you think of my cloud?

Seriously, it’s been four posts since I’ve mentioned Kronos in the Cloud, so sue me. No, not you, “Bob.” So yesterday, I wrote about my excellent Nexus Galaxy upgrade adventure, and I wanted to point out that our cloud services team does Workforce Central upgrades free for our cloud customers. Yeah, installing upgrades, service packs, legislative updates… they’re all included in our cloud services contracts. Then I thought, “OK, I’m in marketing, but I’m not a liar.” C’mon. “Free” is never free, unless you’re talking about what people are selling Red Sox tickets for these days. Specifically, our team will upgrade a cloud customer from say, Workforce Central 6.0 to the current 6.3 at no charge. If a customer then wants to implement and configure new features, those can be done at additional cost.

For our customers with Workforce Central in their own data center, an upgrade is the perfect time to migrate their Kronos applications to our cloud, especially if they’re contemplating new hardware. Migrating Workforce Central to the cloud helps them avoid two things:

  • the capital expense of new hardware
  • Kronos system management tasks, including upgrades in the future

That sounded forced, didn’t it? I’m sure I’ll be hearing from “the man.”

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  1. September 26, 2012 1:59 pm

    Glad to see “the man” isn’t keeping you down. 🙂

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