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Cloudy Memory

September 19, 2012

I’ve been using the cloud since the early 90’s. Oh yeah. I connected to the clean cloud over copper courtesy of Compuserve via an NEC APC-III, um, computer. And yes, our help desk guy was Claude Cooper. It looked something like this. So, twenty-something years later, it amazes me that a Citrix survey found that 29% of Americans over 18 surveyed think the cloud has something to do with the weather, and 17% have pretended to understand it on a date… Check out their spiffy infographic on the survey findings.

Now admittedly, clouds do have something to do with the weather, but what the hell are people doing talking about the cloud on dates? What kind of geeked out boring stiff would… Uhhh. Wait. Nevermind. Actually, I hardly ever talk about Kronos cloud stuff with (Play)Joyce anymore. Really.

Speaking of dating, I’ve seriously dated myself with the green screen reference, but even so, most people in my demographic haven’t spent their adult life working in technology, so cloud is still just a bunch of gas to them. Conversely, kids today have never known a world without the internet and texting, two original “cloud” services. They get it and do a great job explaining “the cloud.”

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