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Kronos Nexus

September 18, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with the phone. I mean, I love my Galaxy Nexus for many things, including this baker’s dozen, whatever that means. I’ve never received 13 of anything I didn’t pay for:

  1. web
  2. email
  3. camera
  4. text
  5. facebook
  6. Evernote audio widget
  7. Yelp
  8. OpenTable
  9. DCU
  10. WordPress
  11. Stitcher
  12. Navigator [and (Play)Joyce loves checking live traffic]
  13. Speaking of the Joyce of Play… She loves to tease me about my “device,” but you’ll never see a happier girl than her mesmerized using it to watch local “radar” on Accuweather

Anyway, you’ll notice “using it to call people” isn’t on the list, and I loathe ever having to call for informational purposes like product support. Why can’t I just use the web? While there are a great many things I’d rather do than call tech support, this isn’t one of them

Fortunately, Kronos customers now have a brandy spankin’ new support portal to ask questions and get quick answers… with or without a phone. The newly re-designed portal includes our knowledge base, educational offerings, customer forums, eCase management, documentation, service packs, and more! And it’s all supported by our award winning support peeps, who you still can reach by phone if you’re not like me. Also, if you’re coming to KronosWorks, you can meet many of them and check out a hands on customer portal demo to find out how it can help you work smarter! Oh, and check out my iPad starring in this video on the portal. I’m so proud.

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