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Portal Girl Lost

September 6, 2012

I love the concepts of multiple dimensions and alternative universes. The latter may be why I enjoy watching the political conventions, but that’s not important right now. The first time I was exposed to multiple dimensions was through the mind of Rod Serling and his Twilight Zone episode, Little Girl Lost. The episode inspired a Doors song and a Simpsons episode, and it scared the hell out of young me. A little girl lost… Another dimension? A portal? That guy just put his hand THROUGH THE WALL!!!! “Mom!” Yeah, it was monochrome, menacing, and memorable. Mom must have pulled me away, because I never found out what happened to the little girl. Until recently…

Speaking of portals, we’ve got a new one. The Kronos customer portal is our service and support website available to Kronos customers worldwide 24 hours a day. The portal is a universe linking users to an interactive community of tens of thousands of Kronos customers! We actively support the community in a variety of ways, including an extensive knowledge base, educational offerings, customer forums, eCase management, documentation, service pack downloads, and more. It’s so new and improved; it’s like being in another dimension where everyone works smarter.

Oh, and I found out what happened to the little girl. She grew up, and since she had all that portal experience, we put her to work in ours. That’s right. You can meet our “portal girl,” Colleen in the 4th dimension at

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