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Happy Labor Day – Come work for Kronos!

August 31, 2012

Maybe it’s my HR-centric feeds via Twitter and Flipboard, but I’ve been streamrolled lately by lots of articles on employee engagement. I’m engaged. Recently, I retweeted “Yes” to the question, Are You Proud of Where You Work? Really, at Kronos the people are great (mostly), the products are great (mostly), and the every other Tuesday café combo of a Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Italian Wedding Soup is mouthwatering (always)! Besides, this blog writing thing isn’t really work for me (usually).

Anyway, I started my Labor Day weekend last night with a bacon garnished Bloody Mary, but with my son and granddaughter still in the throes of morning unconsciousness, I’ve got some time to bang a blog.

OK, that was it. Hey, it’s a v-day! Just check out our job openings. We’ve still got 75 openings, including several in… that’s right… Cloud Services.

Have a safe and loooonnnng weekend!

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  1. September 1, 2012 10:57 am

    Let’s hear it for Kronos Cloud Services. It is truly the direction that IT professionals should focus on as they move forward with their support strategies. It represents long term cost saving opportunities but also provides a significant opportunity for IT managers to use their human capital for activities that support the business they are in rather than supporting critical workforce management solutions that typically do not require technical resources to support and maintain. Let Kronos support these apps. This not only benefits your company, but it frees up your employees to head home on the holiday weekend so they can follow in Leo’s footsteps – they too will be able to enjoy a libation of their choice. BTW, bacon in a Bloody Mary sounds great. Now I know what to do with the 14 pounds of bacon in my freezer. Thanks for sharing Leo…enjoy your holiday weekend, too. Everyone stay safe this Labor Day weekend, and be responsible if you choose to have a drink. Do not drink and drive (or boat for those of us who will be spending our weekend on the water).

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