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“This is reality, Greg.”

August 27, 2012

Virtual worlds are very cool. In video gaming, it’s not unusual for participants playing an “immersive” game like “World of Warcraft” to lose touch with the real world, including their relationships and the biological requirements to eat and sleep. Once, my son, Kyle and I got sucked into the PC version of “Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets,” and did not come back for about an entire weekend until we “won.” These days, I’m not really into gaming, but I would love to experience tumbling through my Galaxy Nexus boot-up animation:


Really, I would, but that’s not important right now. Now, through the magic of the internets and cookies, virtual conferences are, well, a reality. I’ve read this, so you should just take my word for it. Anyway, being innovative on stuff like cloud, Kronos is all over the virtual conference thing. In fact, right now you can sign up for The Virtual Kronos Customer Experience. Upon entering our domain of awesome virtualness, you can chat with us or with other customers, watch pre-recorded sessions, read content that has been posted, and depending on the date, attend a live event. Our next live keynote presentation is Is It Time for Kronos Cloud Services on Sept. 11 from 1-2pm. Here’s the complete agenda.

Check it out, and no, you don’t need the goofy helmet.

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