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#Project #Fail #Not

August 24, 2012

#fail #3 The hashtag project© by MissPixels

I think the whole hashtag #Fail thing is all played out, but I still see it everywhere. Maybe I need to spend time in more positive realms. Yeah, that’s it. Speaking of positive, recently our CEO, Aron Ain heard this from a customer representing a humungous US city regarding their Kronos project:

“This is one of the most successful projects, software or not, that we have ever done.”

Wouldn’t you like quotes like that about successful projects in your business? Yeah, us too. Actually, nearly all of our projects are successful, but we’re not perfect. No entity delivering IT projects is. Most of our success is because of our people, and we also follow a formal project methodology called Momentum that we’ve been refining for about a decade. We recruit talent with experience in our key markets, including Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Logistics, and Financial Services. Poor requirements definition is considered one of the top causes of project failure, so staffing our teams with people who understand a customer’s business is a big plus to help them get a strong start and early success with their Kronos solution. We implement best in class Kronos software using experienced people following a proven process.

Workforce management shouldn’t have to be so hard, and with Kronos professional services assisting, it isn’t.

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