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“Name Your Price” no way to buy cloud…

August 14, 2012


I love Well, yeah, of course they’re in the cloud, but that’s not important right now. In 2008, I booked my entire SXSW vacation hotels with Billy Shatner. Other than one dud near San Luis Obispo, the hotels were fantastic, and all were landed with bids between $59 and $79. Priceline works best in densely populated cities with several “zones” of hotels to select. Smaller cities like, say, Burlington, VT, or Portland, ME tend to bunch a very broad range of “quality” into their “3 star” category. I usually get the best of Billy in Boston and other big cities, but in smaller locales, Billy gets revenge. So, with two nights of fresh vacation perspective, here are five signs Billy stuck you in a bad ho/motel…

1. You can tell the motorcycle model when they blow by on the interstate, 50 yards away.
2. The bad ceiling repair covers a gape that appears someone fell through it.
3. The caulking in the bathroom is rusting.
4. There’s paint on the coffee maker cord because the painters didn’t bother moving it.
5. The television screen isn’t flat (the horror!).

I’m willing to take such risks when booking hotels for the boy and me. That’s the Priceline game. Name your price, but you don’t get to see what you’ve purchased until you commit. For Kyle and me, it’s just a place to crash. Choosing a cloud services provider is a different story. You don’t want to crash. Are you willing to trade a low, commodity price for tube technology? I didn’t think so. Check out these “Five signs you’ve chosen the wrong cloud services provider,” and as you’re considering moving some of your enterprise apps to the cloud, and you get to workforce management, make sure you understand what you’re getting, and be sure to check out Kronos cloud services for Workforce Central.

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  1. Joyce G. Leger permalink
    August 14, 2012 1:03 pm

    Good one! really good segue to your main cloud-point, and funny, too! no dial-in here!

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