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Vacation Special

August 10, 2012

Next week I’m off, vacationing for most of the week with my son, then we’ll join (Play)Joyce for some Cape Cod downtime next weekend. Kyle is 20, and yesterday was the last day of his summer school program. He’ll be back to school the last week of August, so a little father-son vacation is in order. We’re going to do mostly day trips from our New England home, and he doesn’t know it yet, but Kyle will be toting his iPad and Read2Go app that highlights the words as it reads them aloud. The app is affiliated with, a library of 127,000 books (including his favorite Harry Potter novels) FREE to the learning disabled. My boy may not be crazy about reading on vacation, but we’ll be getting to know some pavement, and I don’t want him to lose any ground while he’s away from the classroom…

The same challenge happens to any of us with learning or training. If we don’t remain engaged with the content, we gradually lose the knowledge. I think the graphic here from this blog does a great job of illustrating the problem. That’s just one of the reasons we provide KnowledgePass for our customers. It provides refresher training, upgrade training, and it’s the perfect place to provide Kronos training for new hires.

Well, that’s it for me. I would say I’m off to stick my head in the sand for a week, but I’m contractually obligated to keep my head in the clouds…

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