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Do your customer experience efforts “go to 11?”

July 20, 2012

Keeping time with the music theme of my last post, I don’t hear very well. In my minds ear, I’m betting on medical technology to keep me picking up audibles once I’m rocking in a chair. My problem, and likely the problem of many in the future, is that I’ve shattered my eardrums with rock n’ roll. Between hundreds of live shows, and Etmotic Isolator earphones powering my iPod fatty, the old tympanic membrane has taken a John Bonham-like pounding over the years. Volume matters in rock. I think that’s why they call it rock. (Play)Joyce always says, “you love the words,” when it comes to music, but sometimes I just need it cranked to 11.

Yesterday I built another “chart of the week,” used to internally market things I believe are important to the growth of our services business. Yesterday’s chart was on our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for July. NPS measures customer loyalty by asking this “ultimate question” to see if they are happy with our products and services:

If asked, how likely are you to recommend Kronos to a colleague or business associate?

We are focused on the customer experience, so I asked our internal audience:

What are you doing to deliver the experience your customers expect and land a perfect 10… uh, 11?

Just like a guitar player twiddling with knobs on an amplifier for just the right sound, running a successful services business requires attention to, and tuning of knobs to achieve optimal performance. You’ve got to spin each knob with a subtle synchronicity to find the right balance between sales, costs, headcount, employee utilization, customer satisfaction, and other drivers. And you can’t just crank them all to 11. For example, if Sales is jacked to 11, but you don’t have enough people to deliver in a reasonable timeframe, customer sat will suffer, detractors may arise, and future sales could be impacted. It’s a Zen thing.

Volume matters in rock. NPS matters in a services business. Crank your customer experience up. It goes to 11…

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