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Number 7 with a bullet

July 17, 2012

Back before the Y2K crisis failed to materialize, I was a partner in a three man record label. Yeah, we used to call ‘em “rekkids” back then, and I still do, in an effort to sound cool, but it probably just makes me sound old. Anyway, our second um, release, from a Brooklyn-based “alt-country” trio made it all the way to number 7 on the “Americana” chart. That ended up having no impact whatsoever on sales, but it sure was exciting when we found out we’d cracked the top 10 “with a bullet.” I soon discovered that phrase originated from the Billboard charts. The definition reads:

“…a record that has entered the charts in a high position, or has climbed rapidly in the charts, or is thought to have the potential for further rapid advancement.”

It was great fun, but as you can see, I still work in a job outside the “rekkid business,” and I had to return the Bentley… and sell the Malibu beach house.

This week, a few of us have been sequestered with some smart guys from Corporate Visions, helping to develop a marketing message for our Sales Executives to present the case for Kronos customers to move their on-premise systems to the cloud. It was a fantastic workshop, full of great discussions, research, and fun concept development. I highly recommend CV.

Part of my research turned up a article titled, Top 10 Enterprise Applications for Public Clouds. Number 7 (not sure if they use bullets) included Time Management, described as a “mission-support (as opposed to mission-critical)” application. In other words, while Kronos Workforce Central saves organizations a ton of money in labor costs, it’s not a mission-critical app like Point-of-Sale (POS) in Retail, Electronic health record (EHR) systems in Healthcare, or ERP systems for manufacturing and other businesses. Our customers in those markets can derive much more benefit by putting their IT talent into development and support efforts on their mission-critical systems, and it’s just one more reason why it makes sense for customers to move their Workforce Central applications into the Kronos cloud.

So check it out, and move to the cloud. Please? I really liked that Bentley.

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