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Dive in! The water’s great!

July 12, 2012

With the Summer Olympic Games coming up, I’m reminded of a less than Olympian feat performed by my dad one summer vacation on the Saco River in Maine. For a still unknown reason, Dad thought it would be a good idea to do a “jackknife” dive off of a tree platform 40 feet above the flow. After climbing the rickety boards nailed to the leaning oak, Dad went through an ad-libbed pre-dive ritual, then let it fly, executing a perfect jackknife, except as the “knife” unfolded it was flat against the water… It looked something like this. I still remember the sound of his chest violently slapping the surface.

When my faithful HTC Thunderbolt recently executed a similar face planting dive, I was shattered by the evidence I’d need a phone upgrade. I really would have liked to upgrade on my own schedule… Still, upgrades come with all sorts of new technology goodies, and I LOVE my new Galaxy Nexus.

Now if you’re a current Workforce Central customer, you can upgrade whenever you want, but I have to say, now is a pretty good time. There’s currently a v6.3 discussion on the Workforce Central professionals forum on LinkedIn. The feedback is excellent. One contributor said:

“We are on 6.0 and after several months of review and research, including some really exhaustive attention paid to the issues addressed by the service packs since release — and based on what we’ve seen for the first several months, we’re confident that 6.3 has come out of the gate pretty stable.”

Another was right to the point in their endorsement:

“The NGUI (Next Gen User Interface) and Report improvements are worth it alone.”

Check out Upgrade Central on our Customer Portal (password required), and our upgrade webinar series available on-demand. If you’d like to review and improve your workforce management processes with your upgrade, consider our optimized upgrade. The service will assess your existing configuration and related processes, and give you recommendations on how to improve your system. Oh, and if you’re considering new hardware for your upgrade, why not move your applications to the cloud instead?

In any case, and whether man or technology, we’re here to help you avoid a painful upgrade belly-flop. Now I need to call my dad…

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