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Our cloud isn’t soft and fluffy, either…

June 18, 2012

Workforce-Ready-InfrastructureEnvironmentI like the new Verizon “Uppernet” commercial. It demystifies “the cloud.” It begins underground in darkness but immediately moves skyward toward light, through dust and falling rocks as the narrator says over crashing rubble sounds, “Our cloud is not soft and fluffy, our cloud is made of bedrock, concrete and steel.” Soon, we rise into a modern data center with a human undergoing an eye-scan, presumably part of serious, non-fluffy security measures. If I directed the commercial, the only change would be to use Denis Leary and that smart-ass tone like in his Ford F150 commercials. “Our cloud can kick your clouds ass. Got it?” Yeah, that’s it.

In case you haven’t heard, Kronos now offers a suite of pure SaaS applications to our small to mid-sized (SMB) customers. Workforce Ready includes HR, timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, and hiring, but it’s not fluffy. The “cloud” where Workforce Ready lives in Dulles, VA is hard. Think Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson defending NORAD from aliens. Its certifications and descriptions include things like SAS70 Type II, SysTrust, PCI DSS Compliant, U.S. Commerce Dept. Safe Harbor Certified, and my personal favorite, “SCIF,” or DOD 8500.2 Standard for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. Oh, and as part of backup and disaster recovery measures, our Workforce Ready cloud sends “replicated” (It’s just backup data… These marketing people… Jeez.) data to another “bedrock, concrete and steel” facility in Santa Clara, CA via Encrypted VPN Tunnel.

Wow. I think I’ve been through an Encrypted VPN Tunnel, but that’s a story for another time. Take my word for it though, it wasn’t soft and fluffy.

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