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Wouldn’t life run more smoothly if gas stations had a standard process?

June 13, 2012

This occurred to me as I approached my local gas station, and was faced, literally, with two cars pointing toward me in the first two (or last two) of four bays of the side I usually enter. On the other side of the eight bay island, cars faced in both directions. As new customers approached, they’d pause to survey the situation, and then try to navigate around to squeeze into an open space with a 14-point turn. It’s exacerbated when you’re in a rental car and you don’t know which side the gas tank filler-upper is. It’s a daily task without a process. It’s inefficient. It wastes time. I hear Costco has this figured out. They design their stations to flow the traffic all in one direction. That results in efficiency and lower prices.

Our customers invest in workforce management to increase efficiency, and save time and money, but are they saving all they could be? Are their processes up to date? Does their software configuration match their processes, or are they driving in different directions doing manual workarounds? It doesn’t have to be so hard. A workforce optimization analysis helps uncover inefficiencies and identify potential cost savings via:

  • Labor Cost Management – Quantifies how effectively an organization manages time cards, absences, and scheduling and pay period close processes
  • Business Intelligence – Mines business data to spot trends in labor cost details, absenteeism, time clock activity, and scheduling problems so customers can take action on them
  • User Adoption – Evaluates employee acceptance of the Kronos solution
  • Systems Management – Assesses the usability and integration with other systems within the organization

An ideal time to look at your workforce management processes is prior to an upgrade. That way, you can implement changes and capture additional benefits when you roll out your new software.

Oh, one more thing about the aggravating gas station process. You’ve waited and wedged your car into a space, then you swipe your card and wait for the pump to be authorized… and you wait… After a minute or so, you glance up at the LCD and it reads:

Would you like a car wash?


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