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Real or Fake?

June 11, 2012

I had to go with “Real or Fake” for this post, even though a web search produced mostly articles from places like… While that particular debate has its merits, what I’m (mostly) thinking about right now is “fake” cloud versus “real” cloud. Cloud purists throw around terms like “multi-tenant” and “single-code base” to distinguish real from fake, but how much does it matter? I’ve written extensively here about our cloud services and the non-issue multi-tenancy has been with our Workforce Central customers.

As this op-ed piece states, the important thing in the cloud debate is business outcome, not definitions. Our Workforce Central suite is not multi-tenant, but we still offer customers choice and flexibility on how they finance, deploy and manage it. That way, customers get all the benefits of the suite, plus the additional cloud/SaaS benefits of no upfront capital expenses, no on-premise hardware, and no burden of managing the database or applications. Kronos cloud services handles all of that. Customers just use the software via the web. Easy.

Speaking of easy, today we announced a new workforce management solution for our small to mid-sized (SMB) customers. Workforce Ready includes HR, timekeeping, scheduling, payroll, and hiring, all with a common user interface, database, and workflow. Oh, and it’s cloud-based. It’s real SaaS for the purists, with a multi-tenant database and a single code-base. I think that covers all the bases.

Fake clouds? Real SaaS? Does it matter? Whether a customers’ needs can be met with Workforce Ready or if their requirements demand Workforce Central, we’re just trying to live up to the promise that workforce management doesn’t have to be so hard. And that was a real marketing tagline.

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