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Feed Your Head

June 8, 2012

First of all, props to Grace Slick for her acid and ‘shroom fueled songwriting that this morning provides me a post title and other creative inspiration…

I have a big head. Well, yeah, perhaps I’m a little full of myself, but in this instance I’m writing about the sheer circumference of the moon shaped orb. It’s fronted by a forehead resembling a drive-in movie screen, except it’s convex, not concave. It catches rays like a giant solar panel and casts off excess ultraviolet like one of those tanning reflectors people use because they just can get melanoma fast enough. (Play)Joyce likes to make fun of the big dome, and my simple response is that a structure of that magnitude is required to house my giant brain. Oh, there’s that “big head” thing again.

Anyway, this sweet brain infographic and post from HR Bartender got me um, thinking about the different learning styles of right-brainers like me, and left-brainers like (Play)Joyce. Our Educational Services team uses instructional design principles in their curriculum and content development so it is effective for both types of learners. That includes our instructor led training, “train-the-trainer” materials, and KnowledgePass and KnowledgePass LMS, where users can access on-demand interactive instruction on common tasks, self-paced tutorials, job aids, and even “sandboxes” to practice tasks learned. And as a bonus for the left-brainers, there are knowledge assessment and reporting tools to measure progress. Finally, we can customize education materials with customer branding and process details specific to the customer’s workflow.

Customers make serious investments in enterprise software systems like Kronos. In the case of workforce management, the payoff is in controlling labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and improving workforce productivity. However, without effective training for users and resulting high employee adoption of the software, those potential benefits will be nothing more than a hallucination. So…

Remember what the doormouse said;
“Feed your head…
Feed your head!”

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  1. Maria Leon permalink
    June 8, 2012 11:40 am

    Nice, thanks for the shout out.


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