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Crossing the Cloud Chasm

June 7, 2012

Yesterday, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced “the Oracle Cloud,” and stated, “This was as difficult a thing that we have ever done at Oracle.” It’s going to be a huge transition for the tech giant as it evolves from its traditional on-premise, software license model to offering their software via the cloud. Mr. Ellison recognizes the challenge, and admitted, “very few technology companies cross the chasm from one generation to the next.” (Note: Kronos is in our fourth, from PC to client-server to web to cloud) Still, he sounded pretty confident, asserting the Oracle Cloud to be, “the most comprehensive cloud on planet Earth.” Wow!  That’s some hyper hyperbole, but after reading a few articles, I still don’t know what it is…

That got me wondering, “do our customers and prospective customers know what Kronos cloud services is?” It’s pretty simple… One of the ways we try to make sure “workforce management doesn’t have to be so hard” is by offering our customers easy options on how they use our software:

Once a customer selects the Kronos Workforce Central applications that best meet their needs, they have flexible options on how to finance, deploy, and manage it. On the traditional end of the spectrum, they can purchase licenses and keep everything in-house, and at the SaaS end, they can completely avoid capital expense by subscribing to the software and having Kronos host and manage it for them. In between, Application Management is popular with many existing customers who have previously purchased licenses and deployed in their own datacenter. Having Kronos manage their software frees up busy IT resources to work on other things. Finally, for customers who want to purchase their licenses, but have Kronos do everything else, Cloud Hosting is their solution.

Simply put, our cloud services provide Workforce Central customers many of the business benefits driving cloud computing today, like CAPEX avoidance, increased IT productivity, and improved system performance.

Oh, and then there’s our recent acquisition of SaaShr, a pure SaaS workforce management solution for the SMB market. Very cool. More on that later, but now I have to figure out how to stay up late again watching the Celtics and still make it to work tomorrow

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