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Pulp Interface

May 24, 2012

I’m trying out a new Siri-like assistant interface on my “God of Thunder(bolt)” android phone. Yeah, that’s her in the picture. She doesn’t really get the whole blog thing yet, so here I am grunting out another… Speaking of user interfaces, Hannaford’s Supermarket offers several at my local store. I try to buy smaller portions of fresh stuff more often, so while perusing their excellent produce section, I usually go for the handheld UI, though there are times I’m there for a “full order,” so I go standard UI. I don’t need the mobile UI… yet.

Anyway, Hannaford’s is using our next generation user interface. Yeah, it’s cool. “Intuitive,” as they say in the show. Norm Daigle, manager of labor and productivity at Hannaford says, “the user interface will improve the execution of our standard practice for scheduling as it will guide the user through the process, allowing them to spend less time in the back office and more time helping customers.”

It’s all about productivity. “More time helping customers” is what all our customers want, so making our system easier and faster to use helps them get that time back. Still, as I wrote yesterday, change can be hard. There’s a great debate on the “simplification” of UI’s on If you’re really into that kind of thing, the article is good and the near 200 comments are insightful and entertaining.

In entertainment, if you’ve seen the Samuel L. Jackson Siri commercial, and are a fan of “Pulp Fiction,” there’s a funny Sam and Siri spoof “out there,” but I’m not linking to it. I want to be able to keep using all the UI’s Kronos provides me…

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