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Turn, and face the strain

May 23, 2012

“time may change me
but I can’t trace time”

David Bowie

There are rock stars and there are ROCK STARS. Guys like Steven Tyler and David Lee Roth are members of the first class. David Bowie is a transformational ROCK STAR. His chameleon-like personas and songs changed music. Still, Dave can’t trace time, but Kronos can. We can trace it, track it, allocate it, schedule it, slice, dice, and slap-chop it into pretty analytics.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are hard. On the Kronos website and in our ads, you’ll see the phrase, “Workforce Management Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard,” but it is. It can be a strain. Anything that changes the human condition can be challenging. Implementation of any enterprise software creates change that can create resistance from employees if not well managed. Take Sales Force Automation, for example. How’s that working out? Are all your Sales Executives using it fully, so you get maximum return on that investment? Typically, the answer is no. We get that. We’ve had a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology on our services team for over 10 years.

One obvious area to accelerate positive change when implementing new technology is training. We focus on key project leaders early in the project, so

  1. they understand the technology, and;
  2. they can promote it internally.

We also offer Educational Needs Assessments to help develop a comprehensive training plan, and can even customize training to include branding and critical process changes occurring in an organization. Plus, our KnowledgePass education portal can help managers track who’s been trained so that no user is missed. These “little details” help to provide a positive human experience for all users and a successful change for the organization.

We’re continuing to invest in change management, too. Education professionals Mia Shields and Melanie Berg are now PROSCI Certified Change Managers. This expertise will now help Mia and Melanie guide and consult Kronos customers on best practices in both education strategy and successful change management.

Implementing workforce management really doesn’t have to be so hard. With Mia and Melanie, you could be heroes, for more than one day.

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