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“It’s a great time to be at Kronos.”

May 9, 2012

That’s what our CEO, Aron Ain said today in our amazing press release on Q2 results. The PR covers financial performance, cloud services momentum, international growth, a cool SaaS acquisition for the SMB market, and our 200 job openings!

Aron’s not the only one talking about Kronos. This week, in an interesting post, industry thought-leader Naomi Bloom described Kronos:

“increasingly global subject matter expertise, and their excellent reputation/leadership”

If you’re in the HCM space and you’re not reading Naomi, go there now. She’s thoughtful, thorough, and writes from her real experience in the trenches with customers.

Yesterday I also read a “win/loss report” about a big Kronos win from the past quarter. Win or lose, we interview prospects/customers to find out about their experience. When interviewed, our Sales Executive wrote:

“I would say that collectively through pre-sales, sales, support, admin, services, delivery, post services, this is the best team I have had the pleasure of working with. The reason I say all this is I think the number one reason these guys bought our product was the people. I think they had more trust, more confidence, more comfort, and more of a sense of safety, which is always an issue in large corporations where people are looking out for their butts in decisions that are driving tens of millions of dollars of investment.

Now, you can then cascade all of the other things. It’s people first, it’s product second.”

People. People develop our products and deliver our services. And we measure our customer’s experience with both. We also measure our employee’s experience within Kronos. It’s important that we understand the quality of our relationships with our customers and employees. I’m paraphrasing here, but customer loyalty guru Fred Reichheld wrote, “The right goal for a company is to build relationships of such high quality that those relationships create promoters, generate good profits, and fuel growth.”

I think we’re doing what Mr. Reichheld advises.

Oh, did I mention we need another 200 people?

It’s a great time to be at Kronos.

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