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“I’m not dead yet!”

May 2, 2012

Last week I noted my 12th anniversary with Kronos. I didn’t celebrate; I noted. It was a Tuesday after all, plus I didn’t really feel like celebrating. I was still mourning the Bruins exit from the playoffs.

Anyway, twelve years is a long time. A lot can happen during 4,383 days and nights, and I thought I’d reflect on my experiences during that time. Once I started digging through the archives of .doc’s, ppt’s, and xls’s, I found there were quite a few stories in there, so I’ve decided on a trilogy. It’s a literary thing, but I’ll get to those later. It’s a procrastination thing…

In related news, last night I Flipboarded to this non-millennial eye catcher from Business Insider:

IBM’s Offer To Older Workers: Either Take A Pay Cut, Or Risk Being Canned

In the category of “all news is opinion,” I found it interesting how the news was spun by other outlets:

  • IBM Offers Incentives to Staff to Retire by End of 2013 – Bloomberg
  • IBM Nudges US Workers Toward Early Retirement – InformationWeek
  • New IBM retirement program guarantees job through 2013 – Computerworld
  • IBM offers new program to older employees – News & Observer

I’ll leave the interpretation of IBM’s intent to others. It may be a fair and reasonable plan, or not. What caught this late boomer’s eye was one of the eligible employee segments:

“55 with 15 or more years at IBM”

It got me thinking about the future and my place in it. As baby boomers age, how do they stay vital to their employer, especially in technology? One way is to stay current on newer technologies, like say, cloud services. Fortunately I’m neither 55 nor at IBM, but the news did remind me of this classic scene from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

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