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Cloud Saves!

April 25, 2012

Phil Esposito was a goal scorer for the “Big Bad Bruins” in the late 60’s, early 70’s. He scored over 50 goals seven times as a Bruin. Yeah, the “slot” in front of the opposing goaltender was a virtual red-light district for Phil, and often that goalie was Phil’s little bro, Tony. Just like when they were kids on a frozen pond, the elder Espo owned his kid brother. He made such a goal scoring home for himself in that slot, that a somewhat controversial saying emerged to describe his prowess: “Jesus saves! Espo scores on the rebound!”

When I’m not watching this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, I skate feverishly through articles on cloud computing and cloud services. Cloud saves! The hype is unbelievable! Not only can the cloud save billions in energy costs, but it can save you time so you can think more creatively… Hell, one vendor is claiming cloud computing is saving the earth! I know it’s just marketing, but I’m whistling a two-minute embellishment call on that one.

Anyway, I can’t claim our cloud services can save the planet, but they can help:

  • Save you capital expenses not spent on hardware and other infrastructure
  • Save your IT pros time so they can focus on projects core to your business
  • Save your users time by keeping the system updated and running smoothly
  • Save your data with backups and disaster recovery planning
  • Save your bacon by keeping your system compliant with changing labor laws

Now I just hope that tonight Thomas saves and Ovechkin doesn’t score on the rebound.

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