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Corporate Blogs Are Boring…

April 17, 2012

Technology is wonderfully maddening. Take my semi-smartphone, for example. I love, love, love the fact I could watch live streaming of the Flyers-Penguins on it while enjoying a Stella and Spanikopita at an outdoor café Sunday afternoon, but I don’t love how it can’t maintain a consistent wi-fi hot spot so I can Flipboard with my IPad. Got that?

Let’s do a flashback (like in the movies where everything gets blurry) to Sunday morning… with coffee. So I’m sitting at my girlfriends Cape Cod cottage (Yeah, she has Sox tickets, too…) Flipboarding for blog ideas when this sentence from a GigaOm article singed my retinal nerve, and a couple other nerves:

Corporate blogs are boring, except Virgin’s.

Upon reading that, I immediately rescinded the pass I gave the author for his use of the word “technolgoy” in his opening sentence, but the generalization bothered me more than the typo… As the GF would say, the words brought out “my edge.”

Is my corporate blog boring? Yeah, once in a while it can come across as blah, blah, blah, cloud services, blah, blah, optimization, blah, and oh, by the way, KnowledgePass blah. I’m sorry about that. Part of the gig here is to raise awareness of our products and services, but I also try to be entertaining with Gimp’d out pictures and interviews with millennial reindeer. Yeah, I interviewed a disgruntled millennial boxed out of Santa’s team. Find that on another corporate blog. That, my friends, was an exclusive.

Tune in tomorrow for more blah, blah, blah on “technolgoy” services!

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