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“But this ship can’t sink!”

April 13, 2012

“She’s made of iron, Sir. I assure you she can.”

And so, too late, ship designer Mr. Andrews put to rest Bruce Ismay’s overconfidence in his modern technology…

I do believe I know every line of dialogue from the film, “Titanic.” Since the DVD became available some time in 1998, my son has obsessed with it. Over the years we’ve gone to exhibits, watched documentaries, and invested in Titanic “stuff,” the coolest of which was a toy model of the ship that would split in half in a tub, pool or ocean. Hmmm… Given that price on eBay, I’ll have to see if I still have one “still NIB” in the attic…

With today’s modern tech, most of us don’t think twice about all the data we have. Think about all your data… Photos, music, financial records, HR and payroll records on your employees… We are all building stores of data with increasing speed and many don’t take any precautions to protect it. Nobody is going to sue me if I lose my Wilco catalog, but if you lose your employee or payroll records? Not good. Your data is in the Cloud? Oh. Do you know what your Cloud provider is doing to protect it?

Yeah, this is the mundane, and it’s not aesthetically pleasing, like the clutter of too many lifeboats on a ship’s deck. Planning for backups and disaster recovery so you can maintain business continuity is boring… until you need to rely on it. Then, the lack of planning could mean lost memories, no tunes, people not getting paid, and lawsuits…

Our cloud and technology services teams work with customers every day to protect their data, whether it’s kept at the customer location, our cloud hosting centers, or both. You probably don’t need to worry about it though, right?

“Incredible. There’s Smith and he’s standing there and he’s got the iceberg warning in his f****** hand, excuse me, his hand, and he’s ordering more speed.”

Lewis Bodine,
member of the treasure hunting team in “Titanic”

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