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Coming up zip on zip codes

April 2, 2012

I love Flipboarding through’s articles. This weekend I read one piece about “Autonomics.” In it, the author writes, “autonomic technologies eliminate or reduce human intervention required to resolve problems.” Specifically, companies providing autonomic technologies use intelligent agents, pieces of code written to monitor and manage the mundane of IT systems, so the humans can pursue more strategic and creative work. Our cloud services team writes and employs “monitors” to keep an automated watch on many Kronos system elements:

Application Monitoring

  • Employees with no manager
  • Manager with no employees
  • Invalid pay codes

Integration Monitoring

  • Data anomalies
  • Invalid source file status
  • Missing zip codes

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Server heartbeat
  • Disk space
  • CPU and memory utilization
  • Backup and anti-virus services
  • Windows system reboot

We can provide monitoring for customers whether their system is in-house or in the Kronos cloud. Our cloud services help hundreds of customers every day, so they can simply use the software to effectively manage their workforce without worrying about managing it. And they help IT departments escape the mundane. Well, unless you like searching for missing zip codes…

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