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What’s your Facebook password?

March 30, 2012

As if our US Senators don’t have more pressing matters, like how to balance our budget so we can begin paying back the near $15 Trillion in debt accumulating since 1791, two of them are asking the US Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the alleged practice of employers asking job seekers for their Facebook passwords. It seems the voyeur employers want to go poke around a bit before making a hiring decision. I don’t get it. With all the social networking  today, it’s really not that hard to find someone on Facebook. Yeah, I suppose with privacy settings some salty content is inaccessible, but either way, is it really you on Facebook or some sanitized version you want the world to see? For a prospective employer, I think the old fashioned way is best. Interviews should be done face to face, and by multiple people, and references should be checked. Online profiles can’t be trusted. If you’ve ever done internet dating you know what I mean…

I do worry a little about my privacy and the potential for identity theft, but virtual me lives on in the irreversible world of the inter nets. I’ve had a personal blog since 2005, and have written 841 posts there, though none in the last month. It seems I’m robbing fifteenkey to pay smartercafe. Anyway, I suppose I’m a believer in open book management when it comes to online me. Really I don’t have any choice. I’m out there. Cached. So am I concerned that someday a prospective employer might reject me because I ridiculed political candidates or some corporations? A little, but I’m never going to not be who I am to get or keep a job, so it doesn’t matter. As Popeye so eloquently said, “I am what I am.”

Oh, by the way. Kronos is hiring. Currently there are 142 positions posted at Your Facebook password is not required.

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