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Occupy BlogBots

March 26, 2012

Old Robot via

Someday individuals and businesses will use Blogbots to write their blogs, so the humans that used to do it can go fishing or to the unemployment rolls. Yeah, there’ll probably be a nice WordPress “Wizard” to click key subject words, usual link sources, and tone. My replacement-bot will write blogs with links to my usual service suspects, freeing me up to spend more leisure time with friends…

Hmmm… Time with friends. With more of my life cast out via social media properties like two blogs, Facebook and Twitter, I find actual human interactions can fall flat. I have a good friend I’ll call Jeff. Jeff is the Chief Marketing Weasel for Pure Hockey. It’s a dream job for him, even though he claims his dream job would be picking music for movie soundtracks. I read that on Facebook. That tiny voyeuristic capability we all now have can make going out for a beer a little weird:

Jeff: “Hey, we just did a commercial with Brad Marchand.” (Boston Bruins)
Me: “Yeah. I saw that on Facebook.”

We know so much about each other’s lives from Facebook and our blogs, the human moment is almost unnecessary. That’s sad. We combat that by using our limited time together to go to rock shows. That way we limit our conversations to the short span after a song ends:

Me: (Yelling into Jeff’s ear above the din of the crowd): “Dude, that song was freakin’ awesome.”
Jeff: (Smiles and nods, having no idea what I screamed in his ear.)

Yep, the human experience can be amazing. So even though the web, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and all the other social nets make actual human contact less necessary, it’s still very cool to hang out with other humans. For example, our local Customer Experience conferences are coming up soon. There you can meet peers from your industry and chat with Kronos employees about products, services and the cloud.  Hey, you might even make some new Facebook friends.

See you there?

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