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Optimize your upgrade! Smooth. Like Al Green…

March 21, 2012

Monday I wrote about crazed truckers and our webinar upgrade series on upgrading. Yesterday we held the second of four events, and it was titled, “Optimizing Your Upgrade.”

So what is an “optimized upgrade?”

Well, most organizations do an “apples to apples” upgrade. Meaning they simply replace an older version of their software, like Workforce Central v6.1, with the newer version, say Workforce Central v6.3. We call this a “technical upgrade.” You simply replace the old with the new. Typically new versions are updated to work with newer technologies like underlying databases, web servers and virtualized environments, so a technical upgrade delivers those benefits, but there’s much more advantage to be derived from new versions of software. Why don’t more customers go beyond the technical at the time of their upgrade? Here are a few reasons:

  • They are afraid to change what isn’t broken
  • They’re worried it’s too much work
  • They are not sure what the options are

David Ross, one of our Optimization Consultants, addresses these concerns in his webinar and explains why you should consider an optimized upgrade to get more value from your shiny new software:

  • Your workforce management processes have changed over time – have you automated them in Kronos?
  • The capabilities of the software are deeper and richer – are you taking advantage?
  • An upgrade introduces change to your organization anyway – It’s a good time to introduce new features and new/improved business processes in conjunction with your upgrade

David has helped many Kronos customers and is an Al Green smooth presenter. In just 30 minutes, he’ll share several real-world examples of how you can optimize your upgrade and work smarter with Kronos.

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