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Here’s to you, Ms. Robertson

March 8, 2012

Multiple guess had no place in the classroom narrative of Ms. Robertson. Our Junior-year American History class would let out a chorus of groans, snorts, sighs, snickers and chortles when we heard her say “Explain in detail,” prefacing the essay questions the aging (she was probably 30) blond posed for our exams. I was the lead sarcastic snickerer in class, but secretly I loved the essays. The long form allowed me to use nouns, verbs, adjectives, commas, periods, and well, that’s about it. Junior year in high school pre-dated my use of the semi-colon, and my girlfriend reminds me I still have no clue regarding apostrophes. <;–(Uhh, did I need one there? I'm thinking guessing no.) Recently she sent me a link to help out… is a form of a Learning Management System (LMS). LMS platforms actually began in the late 1800’s when Anna Ticknor invented Correspondence Course Education, primarily to educate women at home. Back then of course, and right up through the 1980’s, distance learning was all done via the U.S. Mail. Then the PC changed the learning game entirely, and today we have sophisticated LMS platforms like the open source Moodle and many others. Our KnowledgePass is a LMS loaded with Kronos content, and the new KnowledgePass LMS allows our customers who already have a LMS to import core KnowledgePass content into their own system to train and track their employees learning progress. Yeah, it’s way cool and way faster than than the old KnowledgePass Pony Express.

So, on this International Women’s Day, I’d like to thank Ms. Ticknor for the LMS, and Ms. Robertson for helping me discover how much fun writing can be, especially when preceded by a chortle.

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