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Get your head out of the clouds!

March 5, 2012

Yeah, that’s me. Head in the clouds. My day job responsibility is marketing Kronos services, mostly to our existing customers. A couple years ago, focus groups asked us to simplify our services portfolio, so we did. I think we succeeded. We implement, educate, and provide award winning support. Plus we can manage customer systems with our cloud services, and help them use their software more effectively with optimization services.

I work with the services leadership to prioritize our efforts and to balance what we market, but some of my stakeholders just can’t understand why their service isn’t splashed on the Kronos home page or why we couldn’t just do one teeny 30 second Super Bowl spot for them. For the record, the answers are:

a. We’re a product company – if we don’t sell products, there’s nothing to service.
b. I just wasn’t creative enough to come up with one. Oh, and it cost $3.5 million.

The question I hear most is, “why is there so much emphasis on the cloud?” Well, for one, “the cloud” is an IT model smashing phenomenon that is growing like a dark Cumulonimbus on a humid August day. Just today, the Boston Globe reported that IDC predicts the cloud “is expected to create 20,000 jobs in the Boston area by 2015.” Second, our CEO pretty much knows everyone in this building and most other Kronos employees around the globe. Whenever he sees me, he asks “how’s it going with the cloud?” He’s hearing it from our customers and I’m hearing it from him.

So I guess I already have one of those jobs in the cloud, and my head will be staying right there.

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