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Meet the Bloggers

February 22, 2012

When I read, “Meet the Bloggers” this morning, of course my sophomoric little mind immediately went to scenes from “Meet the Parents.” As I thought about it though, I remembered how I felt when first asked to blog for Kronos. I definitely felt like the eyes of Jack Byrnes would be virtually piercing me, and I could just hear our corporate communications team saying, “I’ll be watching you, Focker.” That would have been understandable. Unleashing bloggers from a corporate website has some risks, but our first blog launched successfully without a lawsuit, so they held their breath and let me jump in. Sixteen months later and seventy-four posts in, the company still stands and I’m still employed, so I guess it’s gone OK. Well, maybe they didn’t read the posts putting words in our CEO’s mouth and interviewing a reindeer.

Anyway, in the last couple years, we’ve also become very active in the major social media channels and now have eight bloggers! Eight… Now I know most of these people and they should definitely be watched. As Jack Byrnes would undoubtedly warn, “Trust me, when you start having 8 little Bloggers running around, you’ll feel the need for this type of security.”

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