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First Quarter Cloud

February 9, 2012

A dark, first quarter cloud hung ominously just under the Lucas Oil stadium roof, but above the arc of a Tom Brady pass to the kettle corn vendor 100 yards away. Oh, wait. I’m over that. This post is about Kronos in the first quarter.

To quote the big guy, CEO Aron Ain:

“Kronos performed exceptionally well in the first quarter.”

Our press release cites the numbers, the big deals, and important strengths in product revenue growth, the competitive differentiation of industry expertise, international growth, and cloud services:

Cloud services continues steady growth – Annual contract bookings increased 88 percent year over year, as organizations increasingly embrace Kronos’ cloud services offering including application hosting and system management and monitoring. Today Kronos hosts its application for hundreds of current customers.

It’s not surprising. “The cloud” is everywhere and we leverage it just like any other technology: to help our customers. Just like mobile technology for access, and GUI tools to create a rich user experience, our cloud services provide customers maximum flexibility to acquire, deploy, and manage the best workforce management software on the planet.

Maybe that’s why Aron says, “We fully anticipate a continuation of this momentum throughout Fiscal 2012.” Cloud services will be a big part of our momentum continuing. That’s pretty clear.

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