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The Cloud Diet

January 27, 2012

“Eating Clouds” by the talented Giedre

As I stumble across the endless stretch of internet like one of those metal-detector guys with shorts and black socks at the beach, I may as well have an data bucket strapped to my face, because I’m gorging. In spite of recent advice in The Information Diet, insatiable noshing of RSS feeds, Flipboards and tweets permeate every strand of my DNA. Full disclosure: I am on a 12-step program for kicking Facebook. Right now I’m on step 1: I admit I’m powerless over Facebook.

Cloud is a staple for me. Like Cheez-Its. And as if I don’t get enough yummy cloud fiber on my own, a friend recently sent me The State of Cloud Computing: Getting Real in 2012.

2012? Things got real for us in 2011. In the final calendar quarter of last year, we sold about 150% of what we budgeted for cloud services. That’s pretty real.

As I read the article, Jeff Kaplan’s name appeared. Jeff’s a smart guy and has been all over cloud for a long, long time. We worked with Jeff back in 2010 to understand the real business pains our customers were looking to eliminate with cloud services. Looking ahead, Kaplan says, “When the hype around cloud computing first began, it appeared that public cloud would be dominant, but as more security and advanced features were demanded, private cloud caught up. However, the future of the cloud is expected to be a hybrid, which is a blend of traditional IT in addition to public and/or private cloud offerings.”

For Kronos, cloud services is about giving our customers the flexibility to choose what’s best for them in terms of acquiring, deploying and managing our software, whether on-premise or in the cloud. That’s why we offer our workforce management suite on-premise, in the cloud, and as an easy SaaS offering. And we can manage it all for any sized customer.

Now I need another couple more fistfuls of cloud.

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