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Use the software, Luke

December 8, 2011

While flipboarding through my favorite iPad app, I did a back-tuck aerial with a 3 ½ twist and stuck that bad boy onto a story that had been Facebooked, tweeted and retweeted, but I think it originated on LinkedIn. Seriously, I think there are people who just retweet stuff all day long, but that’s a blog for another day…

So… my colleague Chris Dowse of Neochange has just opened up their Software Adoption Insight Report Survey for 2012. Check it out. The survey seeks understanding of the barriers that prevent greater end-user adoption (and derived value) of enterprise software in organizations. Their 2010 report found, “application usability and relevancy is the No. 1 factor undermining software’s value.”

That’s not surprising. It starts with bad communication of needs/requirements, poor or no training, no change management, and poor application performance. Over time, business process changes don’t make it into the configuration and before long you have a system you’ve sunk a lot of money into that everyone hates. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Employee adoption is one key area our optimization analysis helps customers assess. What do you recommend to drive employee adoption of enterprise software in your world?

Oh, and the cool graphics are from the dormant, but awesome Creating Passionate Users site.


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