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“No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else’s mind.”

December 5, 2011

The title of this post is from the film, “Inception.” I think I saw that it was on Netflix, but maybe I only dreamed that… Anyway, Wikipedia describes “inception” as, “the planting of an original idea into a target’s subconscious.”


  • Have you figured out how the InTouch can take Keurig K-Cups?
  • Maybe you think Workforce Scheduler should have clairvoyance technology?
  • How about a “random excuse generator” for logging sick time in Workforce Timekeeper?

If so, we’d like you to plant your (serious) idea into Kronos® IdeaNet, our “target subconscious” that makes it easy for Kronos customers and employees to:

  • Submit and view ideas
  • View recent and top-voted ideas
  • View ideas based on criteria you select
  • Comment, track, and vote for ideas
  • Set up alerts for ideas of interest to you

IdeaNet is live and ready for your participation, just click on Kronos IdeaNet in the left-hand navigation of! Top-voted ideas entered in December are being considered for upcoming Workforce Central v6.4, so be sure that your ideas are submitted soon!

Now go dream up some great ideas!

To get the best possible experience, we recommend you review the Tutorial and FAQ documents prior to using IdeaNet.

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