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Let down your hair… at KronosWorks!

November 3, 2011
  • IPad – Check.
  • Workout stuff – Check.
  • Rapunzel wig – Check.

Whoa, whoa! Um, the blond wig belongs to my little blond granddaughter who will be tagging along with her mom and me to Orlando for KronosWorks, our annual customer shin-dig. Yeah, beginning this weekend we’ll be getting together with oh, 1,000 or so of our most passionate users for a few days of fun, learning, networking and fun. While the girls head off to nearby magical places, I’ll be focused on the Services content of the conference, including 20 sessions and 5 Services booths in the Exposition Hall.

Every year we recruit Kronos Services professionals to present to our customers, and every year I send out the obligatory, “we don’t do this” example of a bad infomercial. Once we review, edit, refine, tweak, shield our audience from a hail of bullets, and ensure sessions will provide real value to our customers, only then do they make it to “the show.” The whole value thing is a struggle every year because new presenters want to do one thing: SELL THEIR STUFF! Many are also very reluctant to give away their “secret sauce,” for fear customers will never buy it if they do. I can usually convince them to let the sauce flow, explaining attendees break down into 2 groups:

  1. Those that can actually use the sauce back at the office and benefit from it. Great. We’ve provided them real value and maybe built some loyalty.
  2. Those that don’t have either the skills or time to use the secret sauce. If they think it’s good sauce, some of them will ask us to cook it for them.

Here are 3 saucy sessions I’m looking forward to:

Exposition Hall

In the Expo, we’ll have shiny new products and partners partnering, but the really cool stuff is in the Services area, including booths on upgrading, KnowledgePass,  workforce optimization and Cloud Services, featuring a faux cloud the size of the Hindenburg*, just not as flammable. Customers that do some networking at all five Services booths will be eligible to win $1,000 AMEX card!

I hope to see many of our customers beginning on Sunday. Come say hello. I’ll be the youthful grandfather in the long, golden wig.

* Not really, but please come anyway.

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