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“Glad To Be Here”

October 13, 2011

It’s hard to not be fired up after attending a Sales Kickoff for a new fiscal year in a company that just completed it’s 98th consecutive profitable quarter. I had one presentation that went well, and assisted with another that introduced some exciting changes aimed at helping accelerate Kronos to become a billion dollar software company.

The event was just your basic Sales meeting featuring kick-ass production values, our CEO absolutely owning the stage in a stream of consciousness summary of multiple dimensions of our success, awesome new product introductions and a guest speaker who obviously did his homework to ensure his inspirational talk about flying with the Blue Angels was relevant to our goals.

As usual though, the best part of the few days was spending it with friends and colleagues. I feel very fortunate to work with great people, and we had lots of fun between our meetings and discussions about how we can help each other succeed. The only critique I have of the event is that fantastic desserts were served at every lunch and dinner! Come on! We’re going to be much slower getting over that billion dollar bar if we’re all 5 pounds heavier after kickoff! A couple trips to the gym made me feel better, but when 30 minutes on an elliptical machine doesn’t burn enough calories to counter a couple bites of Key Lime Pie, something has to change! Sorry. I lack discipline.

Anyway, during CEO Aron Ain’s review of our business, he talked about our growth and the hiring we’ve done to keep up with it. Check out these numbers. In our fiscal year that ended on September 30th, we hired:

– 310 employees in the US
– 257 employees internationally
– 567 total

Oh, and we still have approximately 140 open positions! Check them out and maybe you can join us and understand what Blue Angel John Foley’s words meant to Kronos employees when he said, “Glad To Be Here.”

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